Tally Sand is sold by the cubic metre and all sand is measured through a Tally Clerk scanner. The Tally Clerk meets Weights and Measures standards.

“Tally Clerk” is a Load Volume scanner manufactured in Hamilton, NZ. www.tallyclerk.com
Perfect for:

    •    House floors
    •    Farm building foundations
    •    Undercuts on roading
    •    Farm races
    •    Driveways
    •    Back fill for underground pipe work

Independent testing has been done and results are available on request.

Tests undertaken:

    •    California Bearing Ratio
    •    Dry Density/Water Content Relationship Compaction
    •    Dry Sieve Analysis
    •    TNZ F/5 : 2000
    •    Loose Poured Density

We can deliver or arrange any cartage needs to get the sand to your site or you can arrange your own cartage.